*** WOMEN ONLY ***

St Denis’s Chapel  *  Harewood Park Estate  *  HR2 8JS  *

LIMITED PLACES with 3 times only on

Saturday 4th December 2021:

* 2-3PM * 3-4PM * 4-5PM *

£40 per person until midnight 21st November 2021

MEET Elle Bright

Award-Winning Photographer known for working with Gok Wan,  Advocate for Women’s Confidence & GIN Creator

Live Jazz by Acclaimed Vocalist Kerri Layton

Nibbles & Refreshments

Goody Bag worth over £150

3 DOOR PRIZE DRAWs – one for each time slot – each worth over £750


GODDESS GIN was created by Elle Bright to inspire ALL women to embody the GODDESS within.

SINGLE BATCH CRAFTED in the Wye Valley this crisp dry gin is infused with the zingy sweetness of Galangal, warm aromatic Cardamom, lime and a little bite of Szechuan Pepper.

~ Reminiscent of journeys in the Far East ~

Best served with tonic.

Become a Founder

SPECIAL PRICES only for Party Attendees until the party closes at 5PM 04/12/2021

GOLDEN GODDESS was £1000 NOW £750

SILVER GODDESS was £500 NOW £250

GODDESS was £250 NOW £100



Our licence to sell gin is expected any day now and details will be provided as soon as possible.

So we expect to be able give you free samples and a free tasting at our Christmas Party plus you’ll be able to purchase all the gin you wish!

Custom Merchandise on Sale

up to 20% OFF

Gin Balloon Set was £59 NOW £49


Individual set items sold separately – all with the GODDESS GIN logo (not the straw)

Bamboo Cutting Board 28x18cm was £29 NOW £19

Hoodie with GODDESS GIN on the back in M, XL, 3XL, 5XL was £39 NOW £35

PRE-ORDER before or at the party for FREE delivery before Christmas

About Elle Bright

After working with models and “beautiful people” where I was faced with my lack every day – My boobs weren’t big enough, my lips weren’t pouty enough, and I always had excess belly fat – I woke up and decided that none of that mattered, and that I will love myself anyway.

I’m now 50 (in 2021) and I’ve had the pleasure since 2019 of working with tv star Gok Wan, famous for “Look Good Naked”, and I’ve created a fabulous community of women in our private Facebook group that are a living testament to my legacy of showing women they are beautiful NOW, not when they lose 20 lbs or after they get lip injections. Whether you weigh 5 pounds or 500 pounds, are in your 20’s or a silver vixen. You are Strong. You are Brave. You are Beautiful. Just the way you are. And I want to prove it to you!

My Award-Winning style of portraiture is all about feeling good in your own skin without having to get naked (but you can if you want!) – I call it  …   “Look Good Almost Naked”. It’s a form of self-empowerment that gives you a confidence boost. We treat you like the goddess you are and aim to create the most beautiful images you’ve ever seen of yourself.

And so  …  I’m an advocate for women’s confidence with my own tried and tested BRIGHT METHOD for helping women BOOST THEIR CONFIDENCE and go for their dreams.

And the GIN I’ve created is for ALL WOMEN no matter your Age, Size, Shape or Weight – GODDESS GIN – because we are ALL GODDESSES

About Kerri Layton, Jazz Vocalist

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